Ayaba S. Guiste, DDS


While most people would agree that the dental office is not their favorite place to visit, Dr. Guiste ( Dr. G) had a different experience in her teen years which positively impacted her and motivated her to pursue dentistry.

Her core values encompass compassion, empathy, gentleness while treating her patients. Her cultural background enables her to understand and work with patients from diverse backgrounds. She was born and raised in Togo (West Africa). She is trilingual ( English, French, Ewe -Togolese dialect). She moved to the US where she was able to continue her education.

She received her undergraduate science degree in Biology in Morrow Georgia. Thereafter, she moved to Nashville, TN where she was awarded her doctor of dental surgery degree from the prestigious Meharry Medical College. Dr. Guiste was able to fine tune and broaden her skills by pursuing advanced general dental practice in Hackensack, New Jersey. She is proficient in general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry. She also treats patients from pediatric to geriatric stages.

She began practicing in Texas after her training. It was here that she met her husband. They are excited and looking forward to calling Livingston their home where they will raise their two daughters.

Dr. Guiste is excited to provide dental care to the community of Livingston. More importantly, she and her family are looking forward to being involved in the community.


If you are a patient that fears the DENTIST please come and we encourage you to seek the care of Dr. G. Experience the difference with The Gentle Dentist, where your comfort and peace of mind take center stage. Dr. G and our compassionate team understand the concerns that can arise when it comes to dental visits. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating an environment where your tears are met with understanding and your experience is marked by gentle care. Join us to redefine your perspective on dental visits and embark on a journey towards oral health, accompanied by genuine comfort and kindness


While growing up, Dr. G was always surrounded by healthcare workers in her family. Her dad is a physician, and she also loved visiting her childhood dentist. He would explain all of
the procedures and tools very clearly to her during treatments. She was passionate about art as well. and over time. it became clear that the dental field was the best combination of art and science available. It additionally had the important element of interacting directly with people regularly – for her, that sounded much better than sitting behind a computer all day! Years later, she’s still entirely confident that it was the best choice for her.